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How to choose high-quality pens?
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When we choose a pen, some parameters are not visible. But we can still use some techniques to distinguish between good and bad pens. Let's take the best-selling pens in the market as an example:

A. The smoothness of the pen tip can be removed from the pen holder, and the pen tip can be moved on white paper. The difficulty of polishing a pen tip is usually on the side. We conducted experiments using a pen with a left side angle of 30 degrees and a right side angle of 30 degrees, moving it on white paper. If it is still smooth, it indicates that the sliding of the pen tip is guaranteed.

B. The main reason for water leakage is the poor sealing of the pen liner. We can block the pen tip and squeeze the pen liner. If it feels difficult to squeeze, it indicates excellent water leakage resistance. Of course, water leakage resistance is a comprehensive parameter.

C. Continuous writing time and intermittent writing time are the soul of a pen's quality. If you buy a pen, it cannot guarantee continuous or intermittent writing, and it is equivalent to scrap. The writing time varies depending on the width of the handwriting. But generally, the necessary time is at least 30 minutes.

D. Some mechanical properties, such as the grip force of the pen holder, the mechanical performance of the parts, and the tension of the pen holder, are all of concern to users. Mechanical performance generally does not require any tools and can be tested by hand. Users can pay attention to these details when choosing. Especially some expensive pens.

E. For ordinary users, what matters more is the appearance of the pen. Dazzling, it was the initial idea for most people to choose a pen. Like the gift pens launched by Zekai, there are over a thousand configurations to choose from, including models and color combinations. Parker basically designs three or four emerging styles in a month, and it seems that major pen manufacturers are making a big fuss about their appearance.

From the user's perspective, choosing a pen is actually an artistic wash. Because pen manufacturers are undoubtedly artists who treat pens as artistic creations. It is a taste, a luxury. This makes sense.