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  • 01 2023-11

    Use and maintenance of pens

    Generally, a pen can be used normally by adding water to it once it is in hand, without the need to remove the bubble and use a new pen as someone said.

  • 10 2023-06

    How to choose high-quality pens?

    When we choose a pen, some parameters are not visible. But we can still use some techniques to distinguish between good and bad pens. Let's take the best-selling pens in the market as an example:

  • 31 2023-03

    The Production and Development of Pens

    In 1809, Britain issued the first batch of patent certificates for water storage pens, marking the official birth of pens.

  • 29 2022-09

    How to use and maintain a fountain pen

    Generally, the pen can be used normally after it is in the water, and there is no need to take out the water and soak the new pen as some people said. Of course, sometimes it is inevitable to encounte......

  • 30 2022-06

    How to choose a pen?

    Pens are also commodities, there is a certain market, and there are naturally many brands of various sizes. A good big-name pen can always make you feel the five-star quality and service. The maintena......

  • 21 2022-03

    Types of fountain pens

    ​There are many types and models of pens. According to the composition of the nib of the pen, it can be divided into three types: gold pen, iridium pen, and fountain pen.