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CR3878 Big Shark Positive Pose Change Pen
    Publish time 2019-04-13 10:04    
CR3878 Big Shark Positive Pose Change Pen


3 bright-pointed pens + 4 erasable blue combination supermarket cards. F is fine and the writing is round and smooth. 2 large pointed pens, 2 kinds of nibs with thick lines. 4 erasable blue ink bags, easy to change the capsule! The pen features classic black, red as the main color, timeless classic color, elastic paint, comfortable grip and free writing. New colorful gradient color matching, multi-color optional. The overall improvement of the capsule pen visual effect. High value! Worth picking! Large shark shape, unique personality. 3 positive pens, 3 kinds of nibs with thick lines.
F fine tip large tip = 0.5MM, EF extra small tip = 0.38MM, EF extra large tip = 0.38Mm
1 rotary ink absorber + 4 wipeable blue ink capsules + 2 black ink bags!

Positive posture pen, the car is holding the posture, the writing is smooth and smooth, and it is not tired for a long time!

Combine with your heart to meet more writing requirements


MODEL: CR-3878 big shark combination

PACKING: 10 cards / middle box   30 boxes / outer box