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CR-P2 Student Gift Box
    Publish time 2020-05-21 09:15    
CR-P2 Student Gift Box
Product Brief
1. The first cartoon design pen holder design, unique ingenuity, a total of 5 options: mouse hero, pig Xiaobao, crocodile doctor, sleepy duck, dumb penguin, to enhance the fun of writing.
2. Adopt PC gift box packaging, high-end and generous, strong and durable, usually can be used to store stationery such as pen and ink bag. Give a small tip pen item, easy to replace, suitable for different writing needs.
31 EF colorful big-tip bladder pen + 1 EF small-tip pen item + 4 erasable blue ink bags

Model: Successor P2 student gift box
Packing: 1 pc / small box 24 boxes / display rack  4 Display rack / outer box