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CR-3978 Gift Box Set
    Publish time 2020-07-17 11:40    
CR-3978 Gift Box Set

Product Brief

1. Innovative three-dimensional display rack packaging to better display PET gift boxes. The theme of cherry blossoms is as if the air is filled with pink, sweet and dreamy. Available in five colors.
2. Correct posture pen holder, according to ergonomic design, more suitable for the actual needs of people's writing, help to correct the posture of holding the pen, is a good choice to practice writing.
Three.1 EF colorful big tip capsule changing pen + 1 ink pump + 1 erasable blue ink bag.

Model: Successor 3978 Gift Box Set
Packing:1 pcs/small box 24 small boxes/display rack 12 display racks/outer box