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CR-3969 gift box set
    Publish time 2020-07-17 11:42    
CR-3969 gift box set

Product Brief

1. Packed in a PP gift box to better display the new pen. The golden accessories and the monochromatic colorful metal paint pen stand against each other to show the fashionable atmosphere. There are six colors to choose from.
2. Positive posture grip, according to ergonomic design, more suitable for the actual needs of people's writing, help to correct the posture of holding the pen, is a good choice for writing.
3. 1 EF colorful tipping pen for changing the capsule + 1 ink drawer + 2 erasable blue ink capsules.

Model: Successor 3969 gift set
Packing: 1 pc/small box 24 boxes/display rack 12 display rack/outer box